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How It Works

We have a simple process and the steps below explains it in six straight-forward steps.


1. Register for free

If you are not an existing user, simply "Sign Up" by entering the required information. Sign In, if already registered


2. Choose an amount to buy

Enter the amount to buy/send for as low as $50 and as much as you want. The same amount applies to the equivalent in Naira.


3. Add recipient’s bank details

Ensure bank details are correct if transacting for self and/or third-party.


4. Verify your identity

Provide verifiable and accurate information about yourself for our back office use as applicable and as stated in the Terms and Conditions.


5. Pay for your transfer

Pay the equivalent amount into our account as stated in the email notification from us. The amount includes bank charges.


6. That’s it

Beneficiary account will be credited upon confirmation of payment and receipt issued through registered email. Thank you.

Our Features

Secure solution

We provide secure solution over SSL and captcha to thwart spam and automated extraction.

Email notifications

We keep you informed as required and won't spam your email addresses.

Simple dashboard

Easy to use solution with simple and fully responsive web interface.

Information retrieval

Fast information retrieval.